Marina Port de Mallorca

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Marina Port de Mallorca has tranquil surroundings fit to make anybody's stay enjoyable. It has a very safe harbor with 24 hour surveillance, security and easy access to park any car. It is one of the most attractive marinas in the Balearic Islands because of its new and modern facilities. Some services that this marina provides is a courtesy car, boat cleaning, concierge, and catering.  In the Marina you will find that the boat moorings are from 12 up to 50 m of length, mirror of the water is 73,530 m2, and the mooring surface is 27,800 m2; And though it is very clearly a serene setting, it is also lively. In front of the marina, there is an array of choices to satisfy your entertainment and leisure needs.  This Marina is located in one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities and you can be sure to find anything here; Gyms, restaurants, cafes, spas, markets, hotels, parks, and history! There is a dominate silhouette of a famous cathedral in the heart of the city that will make you swoon everywhere you go! There are also many sea-related events happening all year round as well and they are an experience like no other.  
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