Ocean Village and Marina Bay

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Located on the west side of Gibraltar, Ocean Village is the most sheltered marina in the region with close-up views of Africa some 14km across the Straits. As the ‘Gateway to the Mediterranean’, it provides a base for sailing across the Atlantic or exploring the marinas, coastlines and beaches of Morocco, Spain and Portugal. The contemporary waterfront at Ocean Village is fringed with all kinds of restaurants, bars, a nightclub, trendy boutiques and even a 24 hour casino. This makes the marina a favourite stopping off point for passing yachts who take advantage of the British heritage to enjoy a traditional pint and stock up on tax-free UK goods. Perhaps the most memorable feature of Ocean Village is reserved for after dark when the entire basin is lit with a subtle blue light that creates a stylish evening ambience. Indeed if you’re visiting it’s well worth staying until after dusk to see the spectacular effect.
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