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Denia, recognized by UNESCO as the gastronomic capital of the Mediterranean, is located in the north of the Costa Blanca. This resort town is known not only for its interesting food, but also for the tourist industry - in particular, tourists can rent a yacht in Denia and go on a sea voyage along its picturesque coast.

Dufour 460
Denia, Spain
  • 2020
  • Length 14.14 m
  • Beam 4.50 m
  • Draft 2.20 m
$ 3 412
per week
11:00 15.10.2021
Maxus 35
Denia, Spain
  • 2023
  • Length 10.68 m
  • Beam 3.40 m
  • Draft 1.95 m
$ 2 475
per week
22:05 14.01.2023

The history of the city dates back to the era of the Roman Empire - it was named after the goddess Diana and was erected around a temple in her honor. Denia has been involved in world trade, and over the past century, the tourism industry has been actively developing. The city has a large seaport Marina de Denia, which can accommodate several hundred ships. Every year it is visited by thousands of yachts and boats, and in addition, ferries depart from it every day, carrying tourists to the Balearic Islands. Marina de Denia offers yacht charter in Denia for sailing trips and outdoor activities on local beaches.

The city is rich in beaches, which are divided into two zones - Les Marines and Les Rotes. Les Marines includes sandy beaches where you can comfortably relax with your family, while Les Rotes includes rocky coves that are more suitable for individual or outdoor activities. Most of the beaches are surrounded by picturesque nature - small pine forests and rocks. Les Rotes occupies the territory of the reserve, therefore special authorization is required for sea travel through it.

The most famous is La Marineta Cassiana - a large beach located near the city port. It is covered with golden sand and is equipped with infrastructure that provides a comfortable stay for adults and children - restaurants, bars, water attractions. For outdoor enthusiasts, you can rent a yacht in Denia and head to Les-Bovetes beach, which is equipped for surfing and diving. For guests of the city who love fishing, there is L'Almadrava beach, which can be quickly reached by yacht.

Denia has interesting sights and historical monuments, the most famous of which is the local castle. It was built in the 10-11th centuries in the center of the city and served as a strategic defensive point. Visitors can get acquainted with the architecture of the Middle Ages, and some parts of the castle, erected in later periods, are illustrative examples of Renaissance architecture. Beautiful buildings with centuries of history can be seen on the main street of the city, which is also home to many restaurants and shops. Renting a yacht in Denia will allow you to get acquainted with the natural attractions along its coast.