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Empuriabrava is the only city of its kind in Europe, built especially for yachtsmen. The city is called the Spanish Venice, it is located on the shores of the Gulf of Roses on the north of the Mediterranean coast of Spain in the famous resort area of the Costa Brava. Empuriabrava was built in 1967-1974. in Mediterranean style by Dutch architects next to the Aiguamolls de l'Empordá nature reserve. 35 canals-streets with a total length of more than 40 km give the city a unique look, all canals have access to the sea. The climate here is mild, Mediterranean, the swimming season is from May to October, the air temperature does not rise above 32 ° C. During the season, the city's population increases from 8 to 70 thousand or more.

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To navigate the city's canal streets, it is best to rent a yacht in Empuriabrava - she will be able to take tourists anywhere in the city and the picturesque coastline. Marina Empuriabrava is located in the city center just outside the entrance to the canal, it is designed for 700 yachts up to 26 m long and up to 3 m draft. 10 m can be difficult. You can get to the Marina in Empuriabrava from Girona Airport - 64 km, or Barcelona - 163 km.

The beaches of Empuriabrava are sandy, wide, with a total length of more than 7 km. In the center of the city are the beaches of Plataja de Empuriabrava, it is marked with the Blue Flag, to the south of the mouth of the Muga River - Plataja de Can Comes, and to the north, just beyond the entrance to the marina, is the spacious "wild" Plataja de La Rubina. All beaches have a developed infrastructure, near the central Plataja de Empuriabrava hotels and many shops. The rest of the beaches are located in an open area far from city buildings, which did not in the least affect their comfort for tourists, on the contrary, makes them attractive for a secluded holiday, and it is most convenient to get to these beaches by renting a yacht in Empuriabrava.

There are many excellent restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine in the city, many restaurants (as well as shops) have moorings at the entrances of many restaurants, so for visits to restaurants and shopping it is also advisable to rent a yacht in Empuriabrava immediately upon arrival.

Not far from the city, you can visit the ancient Greek settlement of the 6th century BC, in the city itself there is a medieval bridge and castle Castelló d'Empúries, and in the center of the city there is a church of St. Mary of the 15th century built in the Gothic style.

Empuriabrava has a yacht club and a yachting school, a riding school, a world famous parachute club-school, a golf club, tennis courts, a go-kart track. In August, the most striking spectacle is the Fiesta Mayor de San Lorenzo holiday, and in September - the Terra de Trobadors carnival, stylized as the Middle Ages. Step off the yacht chartered in Empuriabrava and blend in with the crowd of medieval characters and enjoy the company of Landsknechts and princesses.