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Fuengirola is a 10.37 km2 Spanish city located on the Mediterranean coast. The municipality is part of the province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol Occidental region, with a population of up to 250,000, increasing in the summer. The settlement was founded by the Phoenicians, finally passing to Spain in 1485.

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The Sierra de Mijas mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea provide an ideal microclimate. The best time for yacht charter in Fuengirola is from mid-May to September, during this period the water warms up to 27 ° С, the air temperature reaches 30 ° С.

Aeropuerto de Málaga-Costa del Sol airport is located 26 km from the city, from Malaga you can get in two ways: by taxi, paying up to 40 euros, or by buses that leave from the central station from 5 am to 11 pm. In time, the trip to Fuengirola will take no more than an hour.

Hotels are mainly located along the beach of Santa Amalia, most of them have a category of three or four stars: Casa Consistorial, Fuengirola Beach Apartamentos Turísticos, Hotel IPV Palace & Spa and others.

The Paseo Maritimo Promenade ends at the local port of Puerto de Fuengirola, which offers yacht charter in Fuengirola and over 200 marinas. If you wish, you can take a cruise to the ports of neighboring countries or bypass the Costa del Sol.

There are many cafes and restaurants along the promenade that offer local or European cuisine, such as La Langosta, Restaurante Los Marinos Jose, Los Enebros, etc. You can try street food - charcoal sardines, pintxos or tapas with various fillings at special kiosks.

Numerous beaches with a total length of eight kilometers have been awarded the international Blue Flag award, the most popular is Santa Amalia. You can rent a yacht in Fuengirola or rent a boat or other water transport on Ejido Castillo near the Castillo Sokhe castle.

In the center of the Old City, there is the Constitution Square, famous for its long-lived ficus. During the construction of the underground parking lot, the tree was going to be transplanted, but local residents did not allow it to be done, setting up round-the-clock security. In summer, under the crown of a ficus tree, tables are always set for a local cafe.

The main historical attraction is the Soyal Fortress, which was built in the Moorish style in the first half of the 10th century. Castle of Sohail is used as a venue for festivals, concerts, etc. Thanks to the good microclimate and the warm Mediterranean Sea, you can rent a yacht in Fuengirola at any time of the year.